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September 12, 2007


Hoffman Estates, IL - September 12, 2007 - All 60 Sterling Autobody Centers stores have earned the I-CAR Gold Class Professionals designation. Sterling Autobody Centers is the largest multi-location operator to earn the Gold Class Professionals status across 100% of its network.

Sterling first announced its Gold Class Professionals initiative in January and was determined to reach its goal by August 31. The aggressive plan was accomplished on time with lots of hours, dedication, and organization from both Sterling and I-CAR staff members. To reach its goal, I-CAR delivered more than 18,000 training hours to Sterling employees over the last 9 months. Sterling also provided each of their stores with a Gold Class Professionals kit and signage to proudly display their accomplishment.

“Sterling Autobody Centers understands the importance of earning the Gold Class Professionals designation and its positive impact on their business as a whole,” said Tom McGee, I-CAR President & CEO. “Achieving the Gold Class Professionals designation communicates to vehicle owners and the rest of the industry an increased level of professionalism and investment in their staff.”

“I am very proud of the way our staff worked alongside Sterling to help them accomplish their goal,” explained Jeff Peevy, I-CAR Field Operations Director. “I would also like to commend Sterling for their commitment to this process. Their full-on dedication was vital to achieving this accomplishment.”

“Achieving the Gold Class Professionals designation at all of our locations was not just an event to us, we are committed to maintaining the designation at all locations,” explained Paul Blaski, Sterling Autobody Centers Manager of Field Support and Training. “We plan to take the initiative to the next level and ensure that technicians at all Sterling locations achieve the I-CAR Platinum Individual designation status as well.”

“Sterling Autobody Centers is pleased to achieve I-CAR Gold Class Professionals designation nationwide," said Shawn Broadfield, Sterling Autobody Centers President of Operations. “With this accomplishment, Sterling is investing in its future, the future of its employees, and the safety of its customers.”

More information about Sterling Autobody Centers can be found at www.sterlingautobody.com. Details on the Gold Class Professionals program are located at www.i-car.com/goldclass.

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