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Recognizing Platinum Individual Achievements

The I-CAR Platinum Individual® designation recognizes individuals in the collision industry who achieve and maintain high levels of role-relevant training. Earning the Platinum Individual designation equips collision industry professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to perform complete and safe repairs.

For each role within the I-CAR® Professional Development Program™ (PDP), there are three levels of training, each referred to as an I-CAR ProLevel®, that must be completed.

NEW! Beginning in 2013, I-CAR has simplified and enhanced its Collision Repair Gold Class Professionals recognition program.  

Important information for Platinum technicians employed by Gold Class businesses can be found here, I-CAR Gold Class Professionals.

Training Timeline: Road to Platinum, Achieve, and Maintain

Road to Platinum | Once an individual commits to training with the PDP, he/she is on the Road to Platinum (R2P) until Platinum recognition in the I-CAR ProLevel® that he/she is currently working toward is completed. Typically, there is no time limit for R2P unless an individual is employed by an I-CAR Gold Class Professionals® business. Alternate rules apply to technicians employed by Gold Class businesses.

Achieve Platinum | Platinum status is achieved once an individual completes all ProLevel 1 requirements for his/her role. Once Platinum status is achieved, a Platinum Individual certificate is automatically sent to the student. The date Platinum status is achieved will be the annual renewal date unless the individual is employed by a Gold Class facility.

Maintain Platinum | To maintain Platinum status, an individual must complete all ProLevel 2 requirements, and subsequently all ProLevel 3 requirements, by each annual renewal date. After achieving ProLevel 3, the individual must complete six credit hours of role-relevant ongoing training by the annual renewal date.

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