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Figure 1 - Select from the list of vehicles featured on this site.


General Motors collision repair information is now available free of charge at www.techinfo.gmgoodwrench.com. The main focus of the site is vehicle-specific collision repair information, including partial and full replacement procedures. GM lines featured on this site include Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Saturn (see Figure 1).

In the past, the only collision repair information available at the site was from the GM publications that were specially made and presented during the annual International Autobody Congress & Exposition (NACE) show. GM has now added to the information that was previously under the Collision Repair section of the pay site. This does not include, at least yet, such information as body part removal and replacement procedures, restraints information, and some of the associated technical service bulletins (TSB). For example, you might find a procedure for partially replacing a B-pillar, if GM recommends the procedure, but you will not find information for removing a door handle.

Before entering the site, you must accept the "Terms of Use," which states you agree to only download or print off one copy of the procedures for your use. Adobe® Acrobat Reader® is required to view the information on this site.

Besides collision repair procedures for specific vehicles, general GM collision repair information can be found at the site. For example, there is a list of collision industry associations available in your state that includes contact phone numbers. Along the top of the home page are links for collision-related brochures, service bulletins, warranty information, and paint shop information. Some documents are available in English, Spanish, or French.

Brochures include, for example, a "Collision Resource Guide" which explains to the vehicle owner about what to do and look for to have their collision-damaged vehicle properly repaired.

Some collision-related service bulletins included on the site include the following:

•         Metal Panel Bonding

•         Paintless Dent Repair

•         Seat Belt System Replacement Guidelines for Vehicles

•         Squeeze Type Resistance Spot Welding/Equipment

Paint shop links include:

•         2007 GM Approved Refinish Materials

•         2007 General Motors Color Compatibility Guide

Pay Site Available

The pay site is still available, and the only place to go for mechanical repair information, wiring diagrams, owner’s manuals, diagnostic tools, and other TSBs. One make that is not available at the free site, at least yet, is Isuzu. Go to www.acdelcotds.com. Subscriptions are available for one day, five days, one month, or one year.

For comments or suggestions on the Advantage Online, please contact I-CAR Senior Instructional Designer Bob Jansen at bob.jansen@i-car.com. Additional information on engine mounts can be found in the I-CAR program Drivetrains And Engine Mounts (DRT01).

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