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Collision Repair Training  |  United States

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No Need To Fear Electronics

Finding A Hauler For Hazardous Waste

Fixed Glass–Part Of The Body Structure

Protecting Electronics

Welcome To The I-CAR Advantage


That Mysterious Bubble Flare

Working With Modular Glass

Glass Installation

Using Tree Charts & Diagnostic Procedures

Checking Seat Belt Systems

Right-To-Know National Law On It's Way


Getting Basecoat/Clearcoat Colors To Match

To Tint Or Not To Tint

Tinting Procedures

Self-Etching Primer Update

The Evolution Of Automotive Finishes

Paint Shop Hazards

A Letter From The Editor


Passive Restraints 100% By 1990

Corrosion Protection–Why It's So Important

Corrosion Restoring Protection–I-CARS's Tested Recommendations

The Role Of Zinc In Corrosion Protection

Passive Restraints–Shoulder Belt

I-CAR's New "Finish Matching" Course On The Way

Cautions For Applying Anti-Corrosion Compounds


Use Of Plastics On The Rise

Structural Sectioning Using Recycled Assemblies

Is There A Difference Between I-CAR And Tech-Cor Recommendations?

What's Tech-Cor And Why Does I-CAR Work Closely With Them?

Focus On Welding

General Motors A-Bodies: Popular Cars


Understanding & Servicing Airbag Systems

New Body Fillers & What They Can Do For You

I-CAR Course Makes Finish Matching A Systematic Process