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Collision Repair Training  |  United States

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Repair Or Replace–The Kink Vs. Bend Issue

What's So Different About Four Wheel Steering?-Focus On The Honda System

Beginning Second Year Of Publication

U.S. Car Maker's Guidelines For Use Of Heat

Identification Of Structural Components


ABS–The Brakes Of Future

Mazda Four Wheel Steering

Labor Crisis In The Industry–What Can We Do

Protecting ABS Parts

Aligning Mazda Four Wheel Steering Systems


Understanding Electronic Displays

"Finesse Finishing" Of Modern Paint Systems

Advance-Tech I-CAR's New Video Course

Working With The Ford Aerostar Electronic Instrument Panel

GM Converts To Nylon Fuel Lines

Helpful Hints/Finesse Finishing


Servicing Chrysler Airbags

Sectioning Rocker Panels With Internal reinforcements

I-CAR–Your Source For Body Repair Manuals

Basic Principles For Sectioning Rockers


Meeting The Challenges Of The Labor Shortage–A Shop Owner's Perspective

Servicing Sound Deadening Pads Inside Trunk Cavities And Doors

Research On Zinc-Rich Coatings Helpful For Collision Repair

Servicing Chrysler Motorized Seatbelts


Plastics In The Auto Market On The Increase

SMC Repair Materials

Flourine Clear Coats

Repairing Urethane Foam Panel Fillers In Unibody Cars

Repairing Adhesive Bonded Weld Seams

I-CAR Participates In Infiniti Lunch

New I-CAR Course–Repair Of Reinforced SMC Plastics