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Introducing I-CAR’s new Technical Knowledge Portal – available in 2014. Want to check it out early? Browse the beta website to see what I-CAR is working on.

Imagine an online portal that establishes a single, unbiased resource collision repair professionals can rely on. That one-stop shop will soon be just a click away!

RTS is your comprehensive, information hub designed to respond to the needs of today’s industry professionals, and will include:

  • Reference tools for airbag and partial part replacements
  • OEM repair info and procedures
  • Industry accepted uniform repair procedures
  • Best practice instructions
  • Helpful how-to videos
  • Daily, weekly and monthly technical updates
  • Real-time technical support

And that’s just the beginning!

The Technical Knowledge Portal aims to connect repair professionals to OEMs, which will help identify gaps and provide clarification on procedures, offer updates on emerging technologies and respond to the needs of an evolving industry.

This is the kind of timely, portable and engaging tool you’ll find yourself returning to, time and time again.

So get ready to take the wheel and give the Technical Knowledge Portal a test drive – we think you’ll like the adventure.

We’re still in development. And like any good ride, we anticipate it will have a few twists and turns as we fine-tune the portal. In other words, we’re interested in your feedback. Send us your thoughts at rts@i-car.com.