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Uniform Procedures For Collision Repair (UPCR)

The Uniform Procedures For Collision Repair outline industry-accepted, uniform repair procedures for technicians, insurers, suppliers, vehicle makers, educators and others. They enable the collision repair industry to produce uniform, quality repairs for the consumer.

Information contained in the Uniform Procedures For Collision Repair is intended for use by professionally trained and qualified technicians. Any attempt to repair or service vehicles without the proper training, tools, or equipment may result in injury to personnel or damage or improper operation of the vehicle.


GI General Information
PS01 Personnel Safety (280K)
HM01 Hazardous Materials (285.8 Kb)
GL01 Glossary (67.1 Kb)
GL02 Glossary (65.4 Kb)
AB Adhesive Bonding
AB01 Adhesive Bonding (343.7 Kb)
CP Corrosion Protection
CP01A Corrosion Protection (311.3 Kb)
CP01S Corrosion Protection (486.1 Kb)
EL Electrical System
EL01 Wire Repair (335.1 Kb)
EL11 Troubleshooting (382.2 Kb)
EL21 Self Diagnostics (307.6 Kb)
ME Measuring
ME01 Three-Dimensional Measuring (394.5 Kb)
PR Plastic Repair
PR01 Plastic Repair, Welding (358.1 Kb)
PR11 Plastic Repair, Adhesive (356.2 Kb)
ST Straightening
ST01A Stress-Relieving Heat Limitations (230.3 Kb)
ST01S Stress-Relieving Heat Limitations (217.1 Kb)
ST11 Structural Straightening (325.4 Kb)
ST21A Metal Repair (324.0 Kb)
ST21S Metal Repair (364.9 Kb)
ST31 Body Fillers (258.1 Kb)
WA Wheel Alignment
WA01 Wheel Alignment, Front (220.0 Kb)
WA11 Wheel Alignment, Rear (215.2 Kb)
WE Welding
WE01A GMA (MIG) Plug Weld (434.6 Kb)
WE01S GMA (MIG) Plug Weld (517.9 Kb)
WE11A GMA (MIG) Fillet Weld (360.8 Kb)
WE11S GMA (MIG) Fillet Weld (501.3 Kb)
WE21A GMA (MIG) Butt Joint With Backing (324.0 Kb)
WE21S GMA (MIG) Butt Joint With Backing (528.8 Kb)
WE51S Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Weld (327.7 Kb)
AC Air Conditioning System
AC01 Air Conditioning (415.8 Kb)
BR Brake System
BR11 Brakes (463.5 Kb)
BR51 Brakes, Anti-Lock And Traction Control (446.0 Kb)
BU Bumper
BU01S Bumper (198.2 Kb)
BU02P Bumper Cover (222.4 Kb)
BU11A Reinforcement (194.8 Kb)
BU11S Reinforcement (213 Kb)
BU11P Reinforcement (297.6 Kb)
BU21 Energy Absorber, Mechanical (256.8 Kb)
BU22 Energy Absorber, Crushable (209.7 Kb)
CO Cooling System
CO01 Radiator Assembly (260.4 Kb)
CO11 Water Pump (179.2 Kb)
CO21 Fan, Mechanical (136.3 Kb)
CO22 Fan, Electric (190.2 Kb)
CS Radiator Core Support
CS01A Radiator Core Support, Welded-On (294.0 Kb)
CS01S Radiator Core Support, Welded-On (456.0 Kb)
CS11P Radiator Core Support, Bolted-On (233.2 Kb)
CS11S Radiator Core Support, Bolted-On (297.6 Kb)
DO Door
DO01 Hinges (417.2 Kb)
DO21 Door (543.4 Kb)
DO22 Door, Sliding (394.8 Kb)
DO31A Skin (223.4 Kb)
DO31S Skin (411.2 Kb)
DO31P Skin (477.9 Kb)
DT Drivetrain
DT01 Engine (208.1 Kb)
DT11 Engine Mount (129.4 Kb)
DT21 Halfshaft (229.5 Kb)
DT31 Driveshaft (223.0 Kb)
EM Emission System
EM01 Emission Label (130.5 Kb)
EM11 Charcoal Canister (179.2 Kb)
EX Exhaust System
EX01 Exhaust (249.5 Kb)
FE Front-End Assembly
FE01S Front-End Assembly (256.4 Kb)
FR Fender
FR01A Fender, Bolted-On (160.1 Kb)
FR01S Fender, Bolted-On (281.5 Kb)
FR11A Fender, Welded-On (224.6 Kb)
FR11S Fender, Welded-On (401.0 Kb)
FR21P Fender (228.7 Kb)
FU Fuel System
FU01 Tank Assembly (245.7 Kb)
FU02 Pump, In-Tank (160.2 Kb)
FU11 Line (191.2 Kb)
HO Hood
HO01 Hinge, Bolted-On (202.1 Kb)
HO11 Hinge, Welded-On (338.3 Kb)
HO21A Hood (184.7 Kb)
HO21P Hood (213.1 Kb)
HO21S Hood (253.4 Kb)
IP Instrument Panel
IP01 Instrument Panel (337.8 Kb)
IP11 Gauges And Instrument Cluster (175.6 Kb)
LA Lamp
LA01 Front Driving Lamps (274.8 Kb)
LA11 Tail, Parking And Back-Up (191.4 Kb)
LA21 Stop, Turn, And Cornering (187.8 Kb)
LA31 Switches And Controls (213.7 Kb)
MG Movable Glass
MG01 Movable Glass (320.4 Kb)
MG21 Hinged Glass (177.0 Kb)
MG31 Sun- And Moon-Roof (227.9 Kb)
MG51 T-Top/Removable (237.0 Kb)
QT Quarter Panel
QT01A Quarter Panel (262.0 Kb)
QT01P Quarter Panel (264.1 Kb)
QT01S Quarter Panel (494.9 Kb)
QT11A Outer Wheelhouse (228.7 Kb)
QT11S Outer Wheelhouse (375.8 Kb)
RB Rear Body Panel
RB01A Rear Body Panel (315.2 Kb)
RB01S Rear Body Panel (452.8 Kb)
RC Rear Closure Panel
RC01P Deck Lid (248.7 Kb)
RC01S Deck Lid (253.8Kb)
RC11P Hatch And Liftgate (268.8 Kb)
RC11S Hatch And Liftgate (269.8 Kb)
RC21P Tailgate (149.6 Kb)
RC21S Taligate (305.5 Kb)
RE Restraint System
RE01 Seat Belt (280.7 Kb)
RE11 Seat Belt, Motorized (201.9 Kb)
RE21 Airbag Systems (434.1 Kb)
RE22 Airbag Systems, Side (237.9 Kb)
RE31 Tensioners, Seat Belt (228.9 Kb)
RE41 Knee Bolster (147.3 Kb)
RE51 Integrated Safety Seat (247.8 Kb)
RF Refinishing
RF01P Surface Preparation (393.7 Kb)
RF01S Surface Preparation (393.5 Kb)

RF11 Masking (200.1 Kb)
RF21 Finish Removal (262.6 Kb)
RF41 Finish Application (326.1 Kb)
RF81 Finish Defects (487.4 Kb)
RO Roof Panel
RO01S Welded Roof Panel (371.5 Kb)
RO02S Bonded Roof Panel (249.3 Kb)
RO11 Removable Roof (261.5 Kb)
SE Seats
SE01 Seats, Manual (219.8 Kb)
SE11 Seats, Power (194.6 Kb)

SG Stationary Glass
SG01 Adhesively Bonded (455.2 Kb)
SG02 Mechanically Fastened (299.4 Kb)
SG11 Gasket Mounted (488.6 Kb)
SG21 Convertible Top Backlite (257.7 Kb)
SP Structural Parts
SP01A Rail, Front Upper (310.7 Kb)
SP01S Rail, Front Upper (494.4 Kb)
SP05A Front Strut Tower And Apron (328.3 Kb)
SP05S Front Strut Tower And Apron (501.9 Kb)
SP06A Rail, Front Lower (363.4 Kb)
SP06S Rail, Front Lower (628.8 Kb)
SP08A Rail, Rear (347.4 Kb)
SP08S Rail, Rear (465.7 Kb)
SP11A Frame (276.7 Kb)
SP11S Frame (327.6 Kb)
SP21A Crossmember, Welded (253.6 Kb)
SP21S Crossmember, Welded (365.1 Kb)
SP22S Engine Cradle (265.2 Kb)
SP31A A-Pillar (311.3 Kb)
SP31S A-Pillar (485.0 Kb)
SP41A B-Pillar (302.6 Kb)
SP41S B-Pillar (485.0 Kb)
SP51A Pillars, C And D (309.9 Kb)
SP51S Pillars, C And D (452.3 Kb)
SP71A Rocker Panel (274.6 Kb)
SP71S Rocker Panel (550.3 Kb)
SP91A Trunk Floor (442.6 Kb)
SP91S Trunk Floor (313.9 Kb)
SR Steering
SR01 Steering, Gearbox (397.1 Kb)
SR11 Steering, Rack And Pinion (324.5 Kb)
SR21 Steering Column (323.4 Kb)
SR41 Knuckle And Spindle (254.7 Kb)
SR51 Power Steering (174.2 Kb)
SU Suspension
SU01 Independent, Strut (467.0 Kb)
SU11 Independent, SLA (379.9 Kb)
SU21 Twin I-Beam (296.1 Kb)
SU31 Solid Axle, Coil Springs (336.3 Kb)
SU41 Solid Axle, Leaf Springs (346.0 Kb)
SU51 Air Springs (214.1 Kb)
TH Trim And Hardware
TH01 Molding, Bodyside (159.3 Kb)
TH11 Decal (220.5 Kb)
TH21 Pinstripe (148.7 Kb)
TH31 Lock Cylinder (188.3 Kb)
TH41 Mirror (191.8 Kb)
WH Wheel
WH01S Wheel (214.9 Kb)