I-CAR History & Journey

In the 1970s, with the introduction of the new unibody vehicle design, the nature of collision repair changed forever. In order to ensure that those involved in collision repair had the information, knowledge and skills needed to perform complete, safe and quality repairs, it soon became clear that collision repair training needed to evolve.

Ultimately, in 1979, representatives from the six segments of the collision repair Inter-Industry -- collision repair, insurance, OEMs, education, suppliers and related industry services -- banded together to create I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair. Since that time, I-CAR has served all segments of the Inter-Industry equally.

Since I-CAR's humble beginnings in 1979, the organization has grown immensely. Today, I-CAR:

  • Trains nearly 9,000 individual businesses and over 56,000 students
  • Serves the industry with over 2,600 volunteers, instructors and staff, with 315 local committees across the US
  • Offers 178 courses delivered through various live, online and virtual formats
  • Delivers training through international partners in Canada, New Zealand and Australia
  • Provides the industry with a growing suite of services and solutions

Today, I-CAR is more relevant than ever to the collision repair Inter-Industry due to ongoing changes in OEM technology, materials, manufacturing capabilities and standards. As a result of the 2025 CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) legislation requirements, driver safety and industry-wide customer satisfaction initiatives, vehicle technology changes are accelerating unabated. I-CAR has not only greatly expanded and enhanced the training it provides, but the organization has expanded beyond a training-focused business model to a platform of education, knowledge and solutions, all designed to provide complete, safe and quality repairs for the ultimate benefit of the consumer.

Through this productive collaboration, I-CAR has developed the industry's most effective, rigorous and role-specific training -- including the I-CAR Professional Development Program™ with its Platinum™ and Gold Class™ recognition, Welding Training & Certification™ and Career & Technical School Programs. Today, I-CAR continues to advocate for the education, information and knowledge that will advance the collision repair industry and ensure the safety of consumers. By embarking on new consultative relationships and developing cutting-edge training solutions, I-CAR is helping the collision repair industry stay current, focused and committed to quality.

40 Years - The I-CAR of Today