Industry Segment Advisory Council (ISAC) Program

As the demands and complexities that face the collision repair industry continue to grow, I-CAR’s products and services must evolve in lock-step with the needs of the industry. The I-CAR ISAC program was developed to ensure seamless alignment of I-CAR’s portfolio of educational products, services and related recognition programs with the needs expressed directly by the industry. That industry voice is garnered through the ISAC program.

I-CAR’s ISAC program goals:

  • Maintain I-CAR’s neutrality in the industry
  • Add more industry value by becoming more relevant, and doing so without diluting focus on I-CAR’s core business as the leading provider of collision repair training and services
  • Seek feedback on specific segment needs related to I-CAR’s portfolio and pursuit of complete, safe & quality repairs
  • Secure feedback from segments on I-CAR planning and initiatives
  • Involve ISAC members and their organizations, at their option and as appropriate, in program development initiatives

I-CAR’s ISAC Program Details

Collision Repair ISAC

  • Formed March 2013
  • Six regional ISACs (72 participants)
  • One representative from each regional ISAC, plus an additional six participants
  • form a national ISAC (12 participants)
  • One to two face-to-face regional meetings each year
  • Two face-to-face national ISAC meetings each year  

Insurance ISAC

  • Formed March 2016
  • One National ISAC (24 participants)
  • Three face-to-face meetings each year
  • 16 insurance carriers are represented 

Education ISAC

  • Formed March 2011
  • One national ISAC (15 participants)
  • Four face-to-face meetings each year
  • Secondary, post-secondary, for-profit and nonprofit Career & Technical Educators (CTEs) are represented
  • 10 out of 15 schools represented are I-CAR Official Training Sites 

Tool and Equipment Technical Advisory Council (TAC)

  • Formed June 2014
  • One national TAC (20-30 participants)
  • One face-to-face meeting each year
  • Tool and equipment makers are represented
  • Topics include: industry technical trends, technology advancements, advanced materials and ADAS  

I-CAR improvements implemented as a result of ISAC feedback: 


  • Simplified training management tools for training managers
  • DACUM process adopted for course development
  • I-CAR Awareness events to increase the industry’s understanding of vehicle trends, and critical business considerations that directly influence complete, safe and quality repairs
  • Increased Gold Class program brand enforcement
  • End-of-program exams (aka finals) for CTE students leading to student recognition
  • Bundled PDP-EE curriculum updates supplied to schools every June
  • Launched CTE curriculum support resources


  • National schedules with 230+ custom schedules developed to meet local market demand
  • Over 260 I-CAR Official Training Sites have been established at CTE and partner locations
  • The Sustaining Partners program was launched to engage inter-industry segments in support of I-CAR’s efforts to ensure complete, safe and quality repairs and offset financial burden of repairers
  • National Gold Class consumer awareness campaigns
  • Platinum Educator recognition program for CTEs 


  • In-Shop Knowledge Assessment was developed to reduce training redundancy and fill knowledge gaps for shops interested in pursuing Gold Class
  • Vehicle & Technology Specific Training courses, including courses on diagnostic scanning and how to use OEM repair procedures, and annual launch cadence established
  • MIG Brazing, Rivet Bonding and Squeeze-Type Resistant Spot Welding Hands-On Skills Development courses
  • Welding Training & Certification pricing model improvements
  • Welding Training & Certification program for CTEs
  • Development of Professional Development Program – Education Edition
  • Design and development feedback for Intro Series enhancements 

Future I-CAR improvements planned for 2018 and beyond as a result of ISAC feedback:


  • Update and refresh PDP protocol framework
  • New course interfaces for improved online and virtual learning experiences
  • I-CAR Instructor quality and training initiatives
  • Overhaul of I-CAR’s customer experience with new payment options, reporting and shopping cart interfaces
  • Training packages and simplification of training planning and management


  • Updates to I-CAR’s recognition programs with focus on enhancing relevancy and program integrity
  • Development of Gold Class recognition for CTEs
  • Alliance program expansion and updates that will reduce cost and transaction friction for students


  • Spanish translation for core PDP curriculum courses
  • New OEM-specific and more electrical/diagnostic courses
  • Closer integration across I-CAR’s portfolio