Hoffman Estates, IL
September 18, 2017

Collision repair cannot start unless the estimator has earned the customer’s keys. To better equip collision repairers and insurers with the knowledge and skills they need to develop and present quality repair estimates, I-CAR® has launched a new course designed to focus specifically on exploring the Estimator and Auto Physical Damage Appraiser (APDA) Professional Development Program™ (PDP) roles.
The course, The Art and Science of Estimator Interactions, will allow students to participate in activities that will sharpen their skills in communication, conflict resolution, estimating, and customer service. These traits are important in the repair process as the estimator ensures that customers fully understand the work that needs to be done, and they and the insurance company approve the estimate. 
This four-hour class will take place in the classroom, led by I-CAR instructors. The topics discussed will include how to properly communicate with the customer and the insurance company, complete the estimate, and obtain estimate approval.
“I-CAR understands the collision repair process starts the minute the customer calls or brings their vehicle into a shop,” said I-CAR Director of Curriculum and Product Development Josh McFarlin. “Knowing how to give a proper and accurate estimate, all while maintaining excellent customer service, is a key part to gaining and maintaining business profitability.”
After completing the course, students will be able to use thorough documentation, photos and effective communication to apply the art and science of estimating.
The course serves as an Annual Training option for both the Estimator and APDA roles
The Art and Science of Estimator Interactions course is available today. To learn more about the course, visit the course webpage or call (800) ICAR-USA. For information on I-CAR, visit the I-CAR website at