Electrical & Diagnostics Courses

The Right Repair, The First Time

Vehicles are more complex and technically advanced than ever. That means more systems are involved when a collision occurs. How do you ensure you are making the correct repair? How do you make sure all safety features are restored post-repair? Without this information, can you be confident your customer will be safe in the newly repaired vehicle?

Proper diagnostics is the key

Making the right diagnosis, finding the right repair solution and executing the right calibrations post-repair are critical to the repair process. To assist the collision repair industry in understanding both the why and the how of diagnostics and calibration, I-CAR has released new courses addressing the knowledge technicians need to keep up with a rapidly changing business.


These courses will help determine the best approach for diagnostics and train technicians, estimators and appraisers on implementing proper diagnostics techniques and procedures for complete, safe, and quality repairs.

•  Diagnostics, repair, and calibration of electronic systems
•  Mechanical access, diagnostics, and repair
•  Vehicle communication network identification

I-CAR’s Electrical & Diagnostics curriculum is built to keep you up to date on the latest in diagnostic and electrical developments.

Below are the latest offerings from I-CAR’s Electrical & Diagnostics curriculum:

-  Planning Mechanical Repairs (Virtual)
-  Electrical Damage Inspection (Online)
-  Electrical Theory (Online)
-  Circuit Measurements with a Digital Volt Ohm Meter (Online)
-  Trim Removal and Installation (Online)
-  Hybrid Vehicle Identification and Damage Analysis (Online)
-  Troubleshooting Basic Electrical Circuits (Online)
-  Wiring and Connector Service and Repairs (Online)
-  Understanding Vehicle Communication Networks (Online)
-  Electronic Systems Diagnostics and Repair (Virtual)
Removing Panels and Assemblies for Mechanical Access (Online)
Initialization and Calibration of Electronic Systems (Virtual)
-  Control Module Programming Overview (Virtual)

These new courses join our Introduction to Diagnostics and Scan Tools course to increase the depth of our Electrical & Diagnostics curriculum. All courses meet Annual Training requirements for all I-CAR PDP roles.

The nature of the content and structure of the new courses means that some of them have prerequisites required. Click here to see which courses have prerequisites and what they are.

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