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Steel Unitized Structures Technologies and Repair

Course format: Live instruction with posttest
I-CAR Credit Hours: 3 hours
Estimated Duration: 4 hours
Gold Class: $114.00
Platinum: $114.00
Standard: $138.00

Prior Recommended Programs

  • Adhesive Bonding (ADH01)
  • MIG Brazing Theory (BRZ01e)
  • Vehicle Construction Material Types (GE010E01)
  • Laminated Steel (LAM01e)
  • Measuring (MEA01)
  • Steel Unibody Front and Rear Rails, Floors, and Front Structure (SPS01)
  • Steel Unibody, A-, B-, C-, D-Pillars, and Rocker Panels (SPS02)
  • Steel GMA (MIG) Welding (WCS01)
  • Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welding (WCS04)

This course helps satisfy ProLevel training requirements for the following roles:
Steel Structural Technician
Non-Structural Technician

This course is an Annual Training option for the following roles:
Steel Structural Technician
Non-Structural Technician
Auto Physical Damage Appraiser

  • Describe basic metallurgy and its impact on the collision repair industry
  • Explain how the use of new materials used in vehicles relates to collision repair dynamics
  • Understand why vehicle makers are moving toward advanced high-strength steels
  • Identify the repair considerations for advanced high-strength steels and new vehicle construction processes

Module 1 – Steel Strength and Unitized Structures Repair
This module explains the new types of steels used in unitized vehicle structures. The student will learn about the mechanical properties of some of the new, advanced high-strength steels and how typical repair processes can affect steel strength.

Module 2 – New Construction Processes
In this module, the student will learn objectives for identifying new construction processes used in steel unitized structures such as tailor welding and multiple layer construction. The student will also examine how new construction processes have altered traditional repair procedures.

Course outline containing topics and subtopics.