Maintaining Collision Repair Gold Class

Achieving Gold Class™ is just the first step toward your ongoing staff development and business improvement. By maintaining Gold Class status, you will further advance the skills and knowledge of your Role Reps and start to build a culture of learning that will benefit your overall business and all of your staff involved in collision repair.

To maintain Gold Class, all Role Reps must maintain their Platinum™ status by achieving the next (or subsequent) ProLevel®, or annual training requirements, by the business’ next annual renewal date.


In addition to these requirements for Role Reps, all other employees involved in the collision repair process must take six credit hours of role-relevant training by the business’ renewal date. Renewal dates for Role Reps and non-Role Reps will align with the renewal date of the Gold Class business.

Gold Class Renewal Policies

The Gold Class status of a business will expire if a Role Rep does not complete his or her next ProLevel or annual training requirements by the business renewal date OR if any of the other repair employee does not complete six credit hours of annual role-relevant training by the renewal date.

Example: If a Gold Class facility’s renewal date is October 31, 2014, and a ProLevel 1® Estimator Role Rep does not achieve ProLevel 2® by October 31, 2015, the Estimator will no longer be Platinum and the facility will no longer be Gold Class.

However, if the Estimator completes ProLevel 2 requirements on March 3, 2016, he or she will regain Platinum recognition. If all other individuals are current in their training requirements, the facility will regain Gold Class recognition. The facility’s new renewal date will become March 31, 2017, aligning the last day of the month for all employees.

Regaining Gold Class

As a business works to regain its Gold Class status, it will be considered on the Road to Gold™ (R2G). The business will retain its original Gold Class ID number and will be recognized as Gold Class again when all Role Reps have achieved their next ProLevel and all other repair employees have completed six credit hours of annual role-relevant training by the business’ renewal date.

Its new expiration date will become the new date of Gold Class completion. All employee renewal dates will align with the business renewal date.

Employee Turnover

I-CAR has addressed realities such as technician turnover and has adopted enhanced rules to accommodate businesses. If a Platinum Role Rep vacancy occurs, a business can maintain its Gold Class status if a new Role Rep is declared and committed to achieving Platinum Individual status in accordance with the following Turnover Timeline Rules.


If a Platinum Role Rep leaves a Gold Class business (quits or is terminated), the shop may replace the Role Rep and will be granted time to train the new Role Rep.

  • If the new Role Rep is appointed more than six months from the business' renewal date, the Role Rep has until the renewal date to achieve or maintain Platinum status.
  • If the new Role Rep is appointed six months or less from the business' renewal date, the Role Rep has until the business' next renewal date to achieve or maintain his/her Platinum status.

The Turnover Rule may apply to one or two Role Reps, but a business MUST have four total Role Reps declared and a minimum of two Role Reps at Platinum status in order to maintain Gold Class status.