Hands-On Skills Development


Hands-On Skills Development provides unique, personalized preparedness for both collision repair shops and technicians to stay competitive in today’s rapidly evolving collision repair industry. Designed to ensure end-to-end shop readiness, Hands-On Skills Development gives shop owner’s peace of mind and technicians a chance to hone their skills based on their own personal level.

Hands-On Skills Development combines the intellectual and experiential sides of learning, resulting in a holistic learning experience that directly engages shops and technicians. Learning in the context of the shop environment on equipment used everyday offers a unique opportunity to collaborate as a team and gain readily applicable knowledge and skills.



Increased Productivity
and Quality

MIG Brazing Hands-On Skill Development (BRZ02)

MIG Brazing Hands-On Skills Development (BRZ02) provides an in-shop, hands-on training that prepares collision repair shops and technicians for the shift to high-strength steel (HSS) and ultra high-strength steel (UHSS) vehicles entering the market. An in-shop pre-course capability and readiness assessment combined with instructor-led practice ensures shops are ahead of the curve.

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Rivet Bonding (RVT01)

Rivet bonding is here in a big way – are you ready? With the 2015 Ford F-150 and other vehicles requiring this attachment method as part of the repair process, the need to be familiar with this technique is now. Rivet Bonding Hands-On Skills Development (RVT01) gives technicians hands-on practice and coaching from an experienced instructor to meet the challenge of this unique technique.

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