In-Shop Capability & Readiness Assessment

I-CAR® Hands-On Skills Development courses include a pre-course capability and readiness assessment to confirm that the facility’s infrastructure and equipment are prepared for the in-shop course. The primary purpose of the capability and readiness assessment is to ensure that technicians will be able to safely and properly perform the techniques covered in the course and to reduce the possibility of technical issues to help the Instructor devote course time entirely to student learning.

Capability & Readiness Assessment Activities:

Specific assessment activities vary from course to course and may be done prior to the day of the event or on the day of the event. Shops can anticipate some level of the following activities:

  • A preliminary phone interview conducted by the Instructor a few days before the course to confirm the experience level of the participating technicians, as well as the availability and proper setup of gear, equipment and infrastructure.
  • Review of the course Facility Preparation Checklist to ensure your shop has all the required gear, equipment and infrastructure.
  • The loading, transportation, unloading and setup by the Instructor of the necessary materials (e.g. metal coupons) used in the course.
  • Onsite setup of clamps, vise and other testing-related equipment.
  • Testing and any required adjustments and/or replacement parts for the in-shop equipment that will be utilized for the hands-on training to confirm the shop’s ability to meet training standards prior to the beginning of the course. This may include destructive testing.

If the Instructor finds that the facility does not meet the course standards, he or she will work collaboratively with the shop manager to resolve any issues so that the shop is ready to host the course.