Register for Hands-On Skills Development


I-CAR®’s Hands-On Skills Development offers a unique learning, skills practice and hands-on experience. Although the actual training is completed in one day, the average time to complete the entire Hands-On Skills Development process may take two to six weeks. Factors such as shop availability and readiness to hold the event, I-CAR Instructor availability, and the outcome of any pre-course In-Shop Capability & Readiness Assessment all contribute to upfront preparation time before training day. Shop preparation is critical to a successful training day!

Steps to schedule Hands-On Skills Development course at your shop:

Prepare your facility
Use the Facility Preparation Checklist to confirm that your shop has all the required equipment, tools and infrastructure. 
Provide Evidence of Insurance
Provide evidence of insurance by sending a copy of your Certificate of insurance. If you are not familiar with a Certificate of Insurance, click here for example.  

Download the appropriate Registration Form below. Complete it and send it to I-CAR with your payment and certificate of insurance.

Plastic Repair 
MIG Brazing
Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welding Rivet Bonding


Schedule your event
An I-CAR representative will call you to schedule your event and conduct a preliminary In-Shop Capability & Readiness Assessment, including an in-depth discussion to help you prepare for your event.
Make final preparations
A few days before your event, your I-CAR Instructor will call you to continue your In-Shop Capability & Readiness Assessment confirming your facility’s readiness.
Training day!
The day of your course will begin with your Instructor completing the onsite portion of your In-Shop Capability & Readiness Assessment. Participating technicians will receive instruction followed by intensive hands-on practice and coaching.