Benefits of PDP

I-CAR's Professional Development Program contributes to proper repairs, improved business performance and enhanced employee development.

As the collision repair industry confronts a vehicle "technical tsunami" of new technologies, lightweight new vehicle materials, and new driver safety systems, up-to-date collision repair training is more critical now than ever.

I-CAR training gives collision repair staff and auto physical damage appraisers the up-to-date knowledge and skills to stay competitive and to stay proficient in today's fast-changing collision repair techniques.

Business benefits of I-CAR PDP training:

Improve business performance
I-CAR collision repair training is designed to give every collision repair professional the knowledge they need, relevant to their role, to perform safe, complete and quality repairs. PDP training has also been proven to help repair facilities improve several key measures of business performance. For insurance companies, I-CAR-trained auto physical damage appraisers can bring benefits that include improved claims accuracy, improved customer satisfaction, and more credible relationships with repair facilities.

Gain confidence in technical staff
As a shop owner or manager, it can be risky to assume your technicians have the knowledge they need to produce complete and safe repairs, or to think that your damage appraisers have the skills they need to file an accurate claim without training. The PDP reduces your business risk with systematic training that progressively builds the skills of your staff — and your confidence in the skills and knowledge of your technicians.

Increase customer satisfaction
Technicians perform better with more training. The PDP was designed to give auto physical damage appraisers and the technicians who work at each major stage of the collision repair process the knowledge and skills they need to perform their role properly and efficiently. This means reduced cycle time and increased work quality, which in turn leads to greater customer satisfaction.

Enhance network referral opportunities
PDP-trained businesses are preferred by many OEMs and insurers as network partners, because they understand the impact training has on repair quality, work efficiency and customer satisfaction. In fact, 16 OEMs and a growing number of insurance companies today require I-CAR training of their network participants.

Improve human resource development
The PDP gives businesses a clear, easy-to-follow knowledge development path for employees involved in collision repair and auto damage appraisal. This enhances their opportunity for career development while also improving employee retention.

Technician Benefits of PDP Training:

Improve your technical skills
Technicians who participate in PDP training share in the I-CAR vision for complete, safe and quality repairs. They learn the latest repair techniques and industry best practices from respected industry professionals. I-CAR research indicates that the more technicians train, the more their on-the-job performance improves. One I-CAR study found that ProLevel 3 technicians produced touch times that were 45% better than technicians with less training.

Advance your career
The industry-recognized PDP curriculum gives technicians a clear training path. Professionals go from acquiring foundational knowledge to developing advanced skills in their role. This progression provides them with a competitive edge and a platform for ongoing career advancement.

Keep pace with technological change
I-CAR's PDP curriculum is continually updated to address the impacts of new vehicle materials, advanced safety systems and other new technologies. As these advances appear at an increasingly rapid rate, they are also transforming collision repair procedures. Technicians who maintain Platinum™ status through ongoing PDP training stay up to date with changing repair techniques. They sustain the current knowledge that keeps them employable and contributes to consumer safety.