Professional Development Program (PDP) Education Edition (PDP-EE)

The Right Education for a Successful Collision Repair Career

I-CAR's Professional Development Program (PDP) is the industry standard for collision repair training that contributes to complete, safe and quality repairs. It's also the training that many collision repair businesses prefer in the technicians they hire. I-CAR's new Professional Development Program - Education Edition (PDP-EE) gives technical high schools and colleges access to this industry-recognized professional curriculum in a format customized to meet the needs of technical school instructors and students.

With the PDP-EE, students graduate with a Platinum™ designation that makes them highly employable. Schools benefit from a professional, easy-to-implement curriculum designed to develop the role-relevant knowledge students need to begin a promising career in collision repair.

The Benefits of Practical, Hands-On Training

I-CAR's PDP training was developed through extensive industry research and collaboration to meet the needs of today's collision repair shops. The PDP-EE adapts this industry-recognized curriculum for technical students and schools to fulfill the industry’s demand for qualified graduates with role-specific expertise.

Hands-on learning is the cornerstone of the PDP-EE. With I-CAR's previous Enhanced Curriculum for technical schools, students would spend hours in a classroom covering nearly 60 different collision-repair topics. This left them little time to apply their learning in the shop. In the PDP-EE, students spend 30% of their time in the classroom and 70% in the shop applying their knowledge. This approach makes learning more engaging for students and instructors alike. It also enables students to graduate with a proven ability to properly complete repairs in their chosen role.

The collision industry has identified two roles that are most sought-after by shops hiring new graduates: the Non-Structural Technician and Refinish Technician roles. Both roles are included in the PDP-EE program package available to schools. Each student will graduate having completed all ProLevel 1® requirements for their PDP role, earning them I-CAR's Platinum designation. As Platinum individuals, these students will be well-positioned for employment in collision repair businesses. They'll also be ready to continue developing their knowledge and skills as professionals through more advanced ProLevel 2® and ProLevel 3® training.

As a comprehensive, standardized learning system, the PDP-EE makes teaching easy. It comes with a full site of guided course materials, including a new instructor guide and PDP Performance Evaluations. The PDP-EE gives instructors all the tools they need to effectively prepare their students for a successful technical career in the collision repair industry.

Buying the Program

Getting all the benefits of the PDP-EE for your school and students is as simple as licensing the PDP-EE curriculum from I-CAR for an annual license fee.

Whether you're ready to introduce the PDP-EE curriculum at your school, or have additional questions, please call the I-CAR Career and Technical School Hotline at 888.422.7211 or email to get started.