Lew Kinney & Associates

Lew Kinney & Associates

Credit toward I-CAR knowledge areas in certain roles as well as annual training requirements can be awarded for taking training offered by Lew Kinney & Associates. To Learn more about the I-CAR® Industry Training Alliance Program, contact the I-CAR Customer Care team.

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Course NameI-CAR Credit HoursValid
Weld Training & Certification
This course meets the requirements for the following I-CAR® ProLevel™ 1 knowledge areas:
Steel GMA (MIG) Welding Theory
Steel GMA (MIG) Welding Skills Verification
3:0007/01/2014- Present*

Course NameI-CAR Credit HoursValid
Weld Training & Certification3:0007/01/2014- Present*

*Course eligible to meet annual training requirements.