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General Motors has requested I-CAR® to conduct all GM body structural repair training within the United States. As I-CAR students, all GM dealer or dealer-sponsored body structural and collision repair technicians will complete their training by attending I-CAR collision repair events utilizing the I-CAR delivery system and instructors. With this relationship, GM dealer and dealer-sponsored body structural and collision repair technicians will not only receive the most up-to-date training in collision repair, but the collision industry will also experience an increase in training consistency.

GM Service Training Standards - Body Structural Repair

GM Service Technical College (STC) includes I-CAR training as required for a minimum of one technician per repair facility and optional training within the Body Structural Repair portion of Service Training Standards (STS). Required I-CAR Steel Welding Training Certification courses are:

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Corvette Stingray - Aluminum Welding

In addition to one of the above two steel welding courses, Chevrolet dealers with Corvette Stingray allocation must have a minimum of one body structural technician complete the following I-CAR Welding Training & Certification™ course:

New Requirements for 2018

GM STC announced updates to its STS. Technicians need to become adept at two important attachment methods: MIG brazing and squeeze-type resistance spot welding. These new requirements are only offered by I-CAR.

By December 31, 2018, the following courses will be required for one technician per dealer or dealer sublet shop within the Body Structural Repair (I-CAR) category:
Use the full I-CAR course catalog to search for programs specific to the General Motors and I-CAR training relationship.

Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network Training Requirements


The I-CAR Gold Class® designation is one of the required knowledge and skill requirement options to qualify for the Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network through GM.

Through earning the Gold Class designation, collision repair facilities may increase operational efficiencies, reduce cycle times, minimize repair mistakes, and most importantly, complete safe repairs.

For information on getting started with the Gold Class designation, visit Gold Class Professionals® Business Recognition.

In addition to Gold Class designation, at least one technician at each participating shop must complete each of the I-CAR training courses recognized by the Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network, as shown below:

Additional requirements must be met in order to qualify for the Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network. For more specific program information, please visit or contact Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network Program Administration.

Phone: (888) 619-2735

Windshield Repair and Replace

Properly performing fixed glass and windshield R&R (repair and replace) is important to a vehicle's structural integrity. Continuing growth of GM's training knowledge base, STC recommends technicians interested in fixed glass repair take Stationary Glass (GLA02) live or online (GLA02e).

This course will help technicians understand the role of stationary glass, explain methods for removing and installing windshields and recognize steps for preparing the glass and applying the adhesive.

Registering for Welding


The Welding Training & Certification: Aluminum GMA (MIG) Welding is a six- to eight-hour event conducted in-shop at your dealership or your independent repair facility. The Welding Training & Certification event consists of four components. They are:

The hands-on MIG Brazing course is a four-hour event conducted in-shop at your dealership or independent repair facility.

The Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welding course is a four-hour event with demonstrations, conducted in a classroom.

NOTE: Dealerships and dealer-sponsored sublet facilities must have the following list of equipment and tools on-hand prior to scheduling the Welding Training & Certification event.

Equipment Checklist:

Once you’ve verified that your dealership or independent repair facility* has the required tools and equipment, please schedule the I-CAR Welding event at your location by downloading and completing the Registration Form below.

* See the fourth FAQ below for more information

GM Welding Registration Form

GM MIG Brazing Registration Form

   Welding Frequently Asked Questions

Why do steel and aluminum welding certification events have to be held at my dealership?

Events are held in-shop to allow your technicians one-on-one personal attention and to learn on the same equipment they will use every day.

How long are the steel and aluminum welding certification events and what can I expect?

I don’t have a body shop. How do I meet the steel and aluminum welding requirements?

Our shop is sublet to a GM dealer. How does this program affect us?

Can more than one technician attend the event at my shop?

Will I-CAR notify GM that my dealership has completed the required steel and aluminum welding certifications? How long will it take for course completions to be posted in the GM system?

I have already completed and passed an I-CAR Steel GMA (MIG) Welding (WCS03) and Steel Sectioning (SPS05) Certification test. Does that count toward the requirements for the Stingray program?

Why do I need to provide a Certificate of Insurance before an event is scheduled?

How long will my technician’s Welding Certification remain valid?