Kia Training


One of the qualifications to participate in the Kia Recognized Collision Repair Center Network is the I-CAR® Gold Class® designation. The I-CAR Gold Class designation ensures that professionals are trained to have the knowledge and skills required to provide customers with efficient, safe and high-quality collision repairs. Kia Recognized facilities need to obtain and maintain the I-CAR Gold Class business designation through the I-CAR Professional Development Program™.

Professional Development Program

The Professional Development Program (PDP) is role-relevant training and provides distinct training paths in industry-recognized Knowledge Areas. To earn Gold Class Recognition, businesses must achieve and maintain training across each of the major Collision Repair Roles:

I-CAR also offers Specialty Role designations that are not required for Gold Class:

I-CAR has grouped these Knowledge Areas according to skill level, called ProLevels®. Each ProLevel builds upon previous knowledge and training, to progressively cover more in-depth content.

Individuals progress from ProLevel 1 through ProLevel 3, with ongoing, annual training thereafter, to ultimately achieve and maintain advanced-level knowledge.

Based on an individual’s prior training and commitment to achievement, completion of ProLevel 1 can be achieved in 3 - 12 months. Completion of all ProLevel 1 requirements qualifies the individual for Platinum recognition.

To maintain Platinum recognition, the individual must complete all ProLevel 2 requirements, and subsequently all ProLevel 3 requirements, by the annual renewal date. Once ProLevel 3 has been achieved, ongoing role-relevant training must be completed every 12 months, to maintain Platinum recognition.

For more details about the Kia Recognized Collision Repair Center Network, please visit here.