Tesla Training


Tesla Training

I-CAR®’s Aluminum GMA (MIG) Welding course (WCA03) is now required for all Tesla Approved Body Shop (TABS) repair facilities. This course is a part of Tesla’s Aluminum Welding Certification training for Approved Body Shop members.

The WCA03 course, offered in-shop to Tesla Approved Body Shop members, supports the most current aluminum welding repairs, providing technicians and facilities with insights and knowledge to prepare for the growing number of aluminum-body vehicles on the road. I-CAR instructors will travel to each TABS location to facilitate the training using the shop’s everyday equipment.

Tesla requires a minimum of two technicians to be aluminum welding certified for each TABS facility performing structural repairs. If a TABS technician was originally aluminum welding certified by Tesla, they must be re-certified after two years by completing the I-CAR WCA03 course. The I-CAR Aluminum Welding Certification™ must be renewed every two years for technicians in the TABS program.

Registering for Welding

The Welding Training & Certification: Aluminum GMA (MIG) Welding is a six- to eight-hour event conducted in-shop at your repair facility. The Welding Training & Certification event consists of four components. They are:

Equipment Checklist

NOTE: TABS facilities must have the equipment found at the link below on hand prior to scheduling the Welding Training & Certification event.   Once you’ve verified that your dealership or independent repair facility has the required tools and equipment, please schedule the I-CAR Welding event at your location by downloading and completing the registration form below.

Tesla Welding Registration Form

For more information on Tesla training, please contact bodyrepair@tesla.com.