Volkswagen Training

The Volkswagen of America  Certified Collision Repair Facility Program provides Volkswagen certification for collision repair facilities in the United States performing repairs in accordance with Volkswagen’s high safety standards and specifications.

Each facility must complete one of the two approaches available for the training requirement:

  1. The facility must be  I-CAR Gold Class (as listed on
  2. The facility must have two Steel-Structural Technicians complete the 12 courses listed below, and one Refinish Technician complete the four courses listed below.  The Steel-Structural and Refinish Technician may be the same person. 

Prospective and current Volkswagen Certified Collision Repair Facilities should click here to access the program website for a detailed listing of training requirements.  

Required Courses for Training Option Two:

Steel-Structural Technician
  1. Vehicle Construction Material Types (GE010E01) - Online
  2. Hazardous Materials, Personnel Safety, and Refinish Safety (WKR01)
  3. Automotive Foams (FOM01)
  4. Corrosion Protection (CPS01)
  5. Steel Unitized Structures Technologies and Repair (SPS07)
  6. Measuring (MEA01)
  7. Structural Straightening Steel (SSS01)
  8. Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welding (WCS04)
  9. Replacement of Steel Unitized Structures (SPS10) *
  10. Sectioning of Steel Unitized Structures (SPS11) *
  11. Stationary Glass (GLA02e) - Online
  12. Welding Training & Certification: Steel GMA (MIG) Welding (WCS03)
    Welding Training & Certification: Steel Sectioning (SPS05)**

SPS10 & SPS11 replaces SPS01 & SPS02. If you have completed both SPS01 & SPS02 you do not need to take SPS10 & SPS11.

** WCS03 is a prerequisite to SPS05.  SPS05 cannot be taken unless you are current for WCS03.


Refinish Technician

If the refinishing training is not available from the approved refinish manufacturer, I-CAR training may be accepted as a substitute.

  1. Hazardous Materials, Personnel Safety, and Refinish Safety (WKR01)
  2. Corrosion Protection (CPS01)
  3. Refinish Material Application and Blending (REF08e)
  4. Color Theory, Mixing Toners, and Tinting (REF09)

Note:  If the refinish technician has completed paint supplier training from their current supplier and it is within the expiration date, then I-CAR refinish classes are not needed. Paint supplier training must be an advanced course that covers color theory and blending techniques.


Professional Development Program

Volkswagen Certified Collision Repair Facilities shops must obtain and maintain the I-CAR Gold Class designation through the I-CAR Professional Development Program.

The Professional Development Program (PDP) is role-relevant training and provides distinct training paths in industry-recognized Knowledge Areas. To earn Gold Class Recognition, businesses must achieve and maintain training across each of the major Collision Repair Roles:

Individuals progress from ProLevel 1 through ProLevel 3, with ongoing, annual training thereafter, to ultimately achieve and maintain advanced-level knowledge.

Based on an individual’s prior training and commitment to achievement, completion of ProLevel 1 can be achieved in 3-12 months. Completion of all ProLevel 1 requirements qualifies the individual for Platinum™ recognition.


For more information on Volkswagen Certified Collision Repair Facilities please click here.

In-Shop Knowledge Assessment

An In-Shop Knowledge Assessment can help shops achieve Gold Class by recognizing existing knowledge and eliminating redundant training. As a result, shops can focus their training on areas where it is specifically needed, accelerating the path to Gold Class and enabling technicians to more quickly achieve the Platinum designation.
Learn more about an In-Shop Knowledge Assessment here or call (844) 505-9557.
To learn more about the many benefits of I-CAR’s collision repair training programs, click here.