Volvo Training


Volvo Car USA, LLC now requires the I-CAR® Gold Class® designation in order for collision repair facilities to participate in the Volvo Certified Collision Facility (VCCF) program. The Gold Class designation ensures collision repair professionals are trained to have the knowledge and skills required to provide customers complete, safe and quality repairs.

Volvo’s collision repair certification program will continue to utilize I-CAR’s class delivery system and instructor base for Gold Class and the Professional Development Program™ (PDP), as it has for other forms of I-CAR training.

Collision Repair Course Requirement

Volvo requires successful completion of the following training course for all shops in the Volvo network:

Understanding Volvo Collision Repair (VT240E01)  

Certified shops within the Volvo network must complete the course prior to their next recertification date. Shops in the certification process must complete this course prior to becoming fully certified. A minimum of two technicians per shop in any role are required to complete the course.

Professional Development Program

The Professional Development Program is role-relevant training and provides distinct training paths in industry-recognized Knowledge Areas. To earn the Gold Class designation, businesses must achieve and maintain training across each of the major Collision Repair Roles:

I-CAR also offers Specialty Role designations that are not required for Gold Class:

I-CAR has grouped these Knowledge Areas according to skill level, called ProLevels®. Each ProLevel builds upon previous knowledge and training, to progressively cover more in-depth content.


Individuals progress from ProLevel 1 through ProLevel 3, with ongoing, annual training thereafter, to ultimately achieve and maintain advanced-level knowledge.

Based on an individual’s prior training and commitment to achievement, completion of ProLevel 1 can be achieved in 3-12 months. Completion of all ProLevel 1 requirements qualifies the individual for Platinum™ recognition.

To maintain Platinum recognition, the individual must complete all ProLevel 2 requirements, and subsequently all ProLevel 3 requirements, by the annual renewal date. Once ProLevel 3 has been achieved, ongoing role-relevant training must be completed every 12 months to maintain Platinum recognition.

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