Collision Repair Platinum

A professional who has committed to training with the PDP™ for his or her role in collision repair is on the Road to Platinum™. Earning Platinum™ recognition develops the role-relevant knowledge that contributes to proper repairs and improved individual performance. By continually building their knowledge and skills, professionals who earn Platinum also nurture their own career development.



To achieve Platinum designation, an individual must complete all ProLevel 1® requirements for his or her role. Upon completing these requirements Platinum certificate is automatically mailed, and its date becomes the individual’s annual renewal date to maintain Platinum.

To maintain Platinum designation, the individual must complete all ProLevel 2® requirements by the next annual renewal date. The individual must then complete all ProLevel 3® requirements by the following annual renewal date. After achieving ProLevel 3, the individual must complete six credit hours of annual ongoing role-relevant training each year by the annual renewal date.

If Platinum status has expired, the individual will still retain his or her training records and credit earned for any ProLevel previously completed. Platinum status can be regained by achieving the next ProLevel being worked towards. This rule applies no matter how long the gap in training was, and even if the individual goes to another business.

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