Platinum Packages

Train to be among the elite in your industry

Platinum-Logo.jpgAttaining I-CAR's Platinum™ recognition is proof that an individual has trained to the highest level in the collision repair industry.  Are you fully trained to completely and safely repair today's ever-evolving vehicles?  

Show that you are among the very best trained professionals in the industry by reaching I-CAR Platinum status.

To make registering for all the training you need easier than ever before, I-CAR has created Platinum Packages.  With one-click you can reserve all of the training you will need to become Platinum, and you will receive a 10% discount on your training.

These packages are designed specifically for your particular role, and are intended for those who have not yet begun ProLevel 1 training.

Learn more about the packages, see what courses are included, and register:

•  Auto Physical Damage Appraiser Platinum ProLevel 1 Package

•  Estimator Platinum ProLevel 1 Package

•  Steel Structural Technician ProLevel 1 Package

•  Non-Structural Technician ProLevel 1 Package

•  Refinish Technician ProLevel 1 Package

•  Aluminum Structural Technician ProLevel 1 Package

•  Production Management ProLevel 1 Package

•  Electrical/Mechanical ProLevel 1 Package


Package restrictions
For single student use only. 
Courses from the package cannot be split up and distributed to multiple students.
Once any of the courses have been taken, no refunds are available, and no transfers to a different student are available.
No e-codes.