Electrical/Mechanical Technician Platinum Package ProLevel 1

Get the training you need and save!

Elecrical/Mechanical Technicians can register for the training needed to achieve Platinum™ and save approximately 10% as part of I-CAR's Electrical/Mechanical Technician Platinum ProLevel® 1 Package.

This package is intended for those who have not yet begun their ProLevel 1 training.  At this time, only the student may register for this package.

Electrical/Mechanical Technician ProLevel 1 Platinum Package

Courses in this package include:

HEA02e |  Cooling System Operation and Parts
HEA03e | Working with Coolant and HVAC Controls
AIR02e | Air Conditioning - Part 1
AIR03e | Air Conditioning - Part 2
LSC04e | Automotive Lighting
LSC02e | Batteries
LSC03e | Starting and Charging Systems
ALT04e | Alternative Fuel Vehicle Damage Analysis
ALT05e | Alternative Fuel Vehicle Safety
VT017E01 | Vehicle Technology and Trends 2017
VT210E01 | Introduction to Diagnostics and Scan Tools

After registering for this package, please contact I-CAR Customer Care online or at 800.ICAR.USA for assistance scheduling class dates.

WKR01 | Hazardous Materials, Personal Safety, and Refinish Safety
ELE01 | Electrical Circuits and DVOM Usage
ELE02 | Diagnosis, Testing and Repair of Common Electrical Loads
PWR01 | Power Accessories
FUE01 | Fuel and Exhaust Systems
BRA01 | Brakes
RES01 | Restraints
STE02V | Suspension Systems
STE03V | Rack and Pinion and Parallelogram Steering Systems
DRT01 | Drivetrains and Engine Mounts

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Package restrictions
For single student use only. 
Courses from the package cannot be split up and distributed to multiple students.
Once any of the courses have been taken, no refunds are available, and no transfers to a different student are available.
No e-codes.