Vehicle & Technology Specific Training

Below is the list of Vehicle and Technology Specific Training courses currently offered by I-CAR. I-CAR is committed to growing this training category, with new courses currently in development. Click the course links for more information and to register.

Vehicle Technology and Trends

Year Subject Course
2019 Vehicle Technology & Trends VT019E01
2018 Vehicle Technology & Trends VT018E01
2017 Vehicle Technology & Trends VT017E01 | VT117L01
2016 Vehicle Technology & Trends NEW16
2015 Vehicle Technology & Trends NEW15

Vehicle Specific Courses

OEM Subject Course
GM Collision Repair of the 2020 GM Silverado and Sierra 2500 and 3500 HD VT330E01
FCA Collision Repair of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL VT260E01
GM General Motors (GM) Company 2019 Model Year VT255E01
GM Collision Repair of the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra VT275E01
Nissan Nissan LEAF® Technologies and Repair Considerations NI007E01
Ford 2018 Expedition and Navigator Aluminum Body Repair FO007E01
GM GM Collision Repair Overview VT225E01
Volkswagen Understanding Volkswagen Collision Repair VT230E01
Volvo Understanding Volvo Collision Repair VT240E01
Multiple Using Vehicle Maker Repair Procedures VT245E01
FCA FCA Collision Repair Overview VT205E01
Nissan/INFINITI Safety Shield Technologies NI001E01
Nissan Nissan Repair Considerations NI002E01
INFINITI INFINITI Repair Considerations NI003E01
Honda / Acura TPMS Collision Repair HON16e
Honda / Acura Air Conditioning Repair HON15e
Acura NSX Damage Analysis HNU04e01
Honda / Acura Electrical Repair HON14e
Honda / Acura Restraints Repair HON12e
Honda / Acura High-Strength Steel HON11e
Honda / Acura Using Service Info HON10e
Toyota Models, Procedures TOY01
Ford Collision Repair for Ford and Lincoln Vehicles FOR05v
Ford 2015 Ford F-150 Structural Repair Training Course FOR06
Nissan Nissan GT-R NI004E01
Nissan Nissan GT-R Repair Considerations NI005E01
Nissan Nissan GT-R Diagnostics NI006E01

Technology Specific Courses

Technology Subject Course
ADAS Incorporating ADAS in Your Business VT310E01
UV and IR Ultraviolet and Infrared Curing Technologies VT300E01
Refinishing Controlling Static in the Refinish Process VT305E01
AUTEL AUTEL MaxiSys® Diagnostic Scan Tool and Calibration Kit VT290E01
ADAS Adaptive Cruise Control CRU01e
ADAS Post Repair Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Testing VT265E01
ADAS Bosch Scan Tool and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Calibration Kit VT270E01
Systems Hunter Engineering Inspection Equipment VT285E01
Calibration Camera Calibration, Inspection, and Initialization Requirements VT215E01
Calibration Calibration Requirements for Blind Spot and Parking Assist Systems VT220E01
Calibration Front Facing Cameras and Front Radar VT200E01
Diagnostics Introduction to Diagnostics and Scan Tools VT210E01
Carbon Fiber Introduction CFR01e
Alternative Fuel Vehicles Safety ALT05e
Alternative Fuel Vehicles Damage Analysis ALT04e
Alternative Fuel Vehicles Analysis & Safety ALT03
Aluminum Best Practices ALI01
High-Strength Steel Best Practices SPS09
Systems Damage Analysis DAM07e
Steering Steering Angle Sensor Overview and Diagnostics VT235E01
Driver Assist Systems Windshields and Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) VT250E01
Joining Advanced Joining Technologies AJT01e
ADAS Collision Warning Systems CWS01e
Systems Advanced Material Damage Analysis DAM08e
Systems Electronic Stability Control Systems Overview ESC01