Welding Training & Certification

When a poor or improper weld is performed during a structural collision repair, it can compromise the vehicle's structural integrity. The result may be a "repaired" vehicle that is dangerously unsafe to drive.

The collision repair industry understands the importance of welding for consumer safety. Yet 69 percent of technicians who weld in body shops today still lack formal welding training.

As the industry prepares for a "technical tsunami" of new lightweight vehicles, the need for current welding training for ALL technicians who weld has never been more urgent.

I-CAR realizes the importance of welding training for complete, safe and quality welds. To address this critical consumer-safety issue, we have instituted new lower per-student pricing and volume discounts for our Welding Training & Certification™ courses. You can now train your technicians more affordably - and the more technicians you train, the more you save!

Performing a safe and proper weld requires more than technician training and skill, however. The proper shop infrastructure and equipment are also essential. So I-CAR's Welding Training & Certification program addresses those areas too.

I-CAR does this through a one-time Welding Capability & Readiness Assessment fee per onsite welding training event. In return, your I-CAR Instructor will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your infrastructure and your equipment to ensure that your facility is set up to perform safe and proper welds.

Proper welds can save lives. I-CAR's Welding Training & Certification events prepare your facility and technicians to perform them. With the safety of your customers at stake — and new lower pricing available — can you afford NOT to train?