Preparation and Registration for Welding Training & Certification

Participating in the Welding Training & Certification program is a big commitment.  Having facilitated thousands of successful events, I-CAR® has learned that the following steps are essential to ensure no time is wasted on the day of the event. 


Steps to schedule a welding course at your shop:

Prepare your facility
Use the Facility Preparation Checklist to confirm that your shop has all the required equipment, tools and infrastructure.   
  • Confirm that each student has a solid foundational understanding of the equipment and tools that will be used.
  • Ensure each student is aware of the recommended courses to be taken prior to the in-shop welding course and has completed any course prerequiste
  • Some of the most common readiness issues experienced we've identified over many years of these welding events are:
    • Vision / eyesight issues - be sure the welding area of the shop is well lit.  Also, simply adding a magnifier "reading glass" lens has proven to be surprising big help for many struggling with vision while welding.
    • Despite all efforts, some students who attend still come not understanding this is a hands-on event requiring preparation of tools and equipment.
Provide Evidence of Insurance
Provide evidence of insurance by sending a copy of your Certificate of insurance. If you are not familiar with a Certificate of Insurance, click here for example.  
Download the Registration Form, complete it, and fax or mail it to I-CAR with your payment and certificate of insurance (no e-mail for security reasons).
General Registration Form 
Schedule your event
An I-CAR welding instructor will call you to schedule your event and conduct a preliminary Capability & Readiness Assessment, including an in-depth discussion to help you prepare for your event.
Make final preparations
A few days before your event, your I-CAR Welding Instructor will call you to continue your Welding Capability & Readiness Assessment confirming your facility’s readiness.
Training day!
The day of your course will begin with your Instructor completing the onsite portion of your Welding Capability & Readiness Assessment. Participating technicians will receive welding instruction followed by intensive hands-on welding practice and coaching, culminating in the Welding certification test.

Proper welding is critical to the safety and quality of collision repairs.
Register for I-CAR Welding Training & Certification today!