Welding Courses

Reduce your business risks. Enhance consumer safety. Keep pace with safe and proper welding techniques for today's new vehicle architectures and materials. I-CAR's industry-recognized, in-shop Welding Training & Certification courses were developed in partnership with the collision repair industry and professional welding experts. These courses teach proper welding techniques through theory instruction, hands-on practice and coaching - all culminating in I-CAR’s industry-recognized Welding Certification test.

  • Understand how to properly set up, tune, and maintain a welding machine
  • Make common GMA (MIG) welds on multiple thicknesses of steel in vertical and overhead positions
  • Perform proper welding techniques
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  • Understand how to set up and tune a welding machine
  • Explain safety issues involved with aluminum welding
  • Perform proper welding techniques
  • Know how to properly prepare metal surfaces
  • Identify and correct weld defects
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  • Understand the critical nature of sectioning procedures, measuring and working with tolerances
  • Verify that you are able to replace a structural component on a vehicle
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See the chart below for details on each Welding Training & Certification course, including the welds that are covered in each course and the PDP requirements each certification meets:


Each Welding Training & Certification course consists of four phases:

Welding Capability & Readiness Assessment, a thorough hands-on evaluation by the Instructor of the facility’s gear, equipment and infrastructure.
Course training that includes:
  • Instruction on welding theory and assessment of your current knowledge
  • How to set up and tune a welding machine
  • Addressing safety issues
  • Preparing metal surfaces
  • Coaching on proper welding techniques
Practice performing welds
  • An intensive hands-on practice session including a variety of welds on multiple metal thicknesses, as well as visual inspections and destructive testing
  • Instructor coaching and assessment for test readiness
Welding Certification Test, for which:
  • Students will be expected to properly perform a variety of welds in the vertical and overhead positions.
  • All welds must meet I-CAR standards for technicians to receive the certification.
  • Students will be given multiple attempts to perform each weld while supervised and coached by the I-CAR Instructor. Because of this high level of Instructor support and interaction, the test pass rate is high.
  • Students will learn the same day whether they have passed or failed.

To promote continued welding competence and development of relevant skills and knowledge, completion of each Welding Training & Certification course is required every five years to maintain a valid Welding Certification.

Successful completion of an I-CAR Welding Training & Certification will satisfy the annual training requirement for applicable Professional Development Program roles. Welding Training & Certification courses also meet Gold Class™ and Platinum™ requirements for applicable PDP roles. See individual product sheets for more details.

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