Welding Training & Certification - Facility Preparation Checklists

Facility Preparation Checklists

Use the Facility Preparation Checklists to confirm that your shop has all the required gear, equipment and infrastructure. Choose the checklist for the course you are registering for:  

I-CAR®’s Welding Training & Certification courses are industry-recognized because of the unique learning, skills practice and hands-on test technicians experience. Although the actual training is completed in one day, the average time to complete the entire Welding Training & Certification process is typically two to six weeks.

Factors such as shop availability and readiness to hold the event, I-CAR Instructor availability, and the outcome of the shop Welding Capability & Readiness Assessment all contribute to upfront preparation time before training day. Shop preparation in the weeks leading up to the course is critical to successful certification on training day