I-CAR Instructors

I-CAR InstructorI-CAR instructors teach up-to-date collision and mechanical repair methods to more than 32,000 people each year at over 800 locations across all 50 states. I-CAR welding instructors train and coach technicians in the latest welding methods and techniques with hands-on performance activities in their own workplace with their own equipment for the most practical learning experience possible. I-CAR instructors are provided with professionally developed classroom materials, technical information and coaching in presentation skills.

Become an I-CAR Instructor!

As an I-CAR instructor, you will join an elite group of highly respected professionals who are recognized as industry experts. You will meet, network with and teach people from all segments of the industry. The training you provide will help improve the quality of collision and automotive repairs, resulting in increased safety and satisfaction for consumers.

Benefits of Becoming an I-CAR Instructor

  • Up-to-date technical information and training
  • Up-to-date instructor professional development training
  • Visibility in the industry
  • Monetary compensation
  • Insider e-newsletter access
  • Access to information and support from instructors across the country

I-CAR training is conducted using several different delivery methods and covers a wide variety of subject areas, including:

  • General theory and practices
  • Non-structural repairs
  • Structural repairs
  • Refinishing
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Damage appraisal, estimating and management
  • OEM-specific repairs

Read the part-time I-CAR instructor job description to learn more about what it takes to become an I-CAR instructor or welding instructor.

For more information, contact the field support specialist in your area at 800.422.7456 or instructor@i-car.com.