Becoming an I-CAR Welding Instructor

I-CAR instructors improve the collision repair industry by increasing its knowledge and professionalism, one student at a time. Instructors are paid to teach classes, but they generally find more satisfaction that comes from making a difference.

I-CAR welding instructors are part-time I-CAR employees. Most also work full-time as collision repair professionals in one of the six industry segments: collision repair, insurance, vehicle makers, technical schools, equipment suppliers or related industry services. They teach I-CAR Welding & Certification courses in their discretionary time away from work, family and other interests.

I-CAR welding instructors also invest a good deal of time keeping up with the latest welding technologies and repair information, preparing for class and improving their coaching techniques.

To find out more about the position and the responsibilities that go with it, review the part-time I-CAR instructor job description.

Each regional manager makes hiring decisions for welding instructors based on needs in the local area, your welding knowledge and experience, and your history with I-CAR training. A need for your welding expertise may exist in your area, or enough instructors may already be available to handle current training demands. To become a welding instructor, you also need to be available to regularly teach all three I-CAR welding programs at a frequency determined by the regional manager.

To find out more about openings in your area, fill out and submit a job application.

Prior to the hiring process, you will be sent a preparation package that will give you a chance to demonstrate your current hands-on welding skills, your dedication and your availability. You must complete this step successfully before your application is considered further.

Next, you will make an agreement with your regional manager regarding your availability and committment. The hiring process can then begin. Once complete, you will be scheduled into a Welding Instructor Qualification Workshop. This is a three-day event conducted over a long weekend to prepare you for performing I-CAR welding events. During the workshop, you will be expected to complete requirements for all three welding Training & Certification programs: Steel GMA (MIG) Welding, Aluminum GMA (MIG) Welding and Steel Sectioning.

This is just a start for teaching I-CAR Welding Training & Certification courses. Your ongoing improvement in technical knowledge, training techniques and coaching skills will also be expected.

Delivering I-CAR Welding Training & Certification courses is the most important activity I-CAR performs for the industry. Occupant safety is a direct function of proper welding during repairs. As an I-CAR welding instructor, your work can make a big difference in protecting the motoring public in your community.