Becoming an I-CAR Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in getting involved with I-CAR training in your community! You can make a difference.

Your first step toward becoming a volunteer is to review the current I-CAR Committee Handbook. This will give you a better understanding of I-CAR. You'll learn why I-CAR exists, how it's run, and the essential role that I-CAR's volunteer committee system plays in the collision repair industry.

Your next step is to contact existing committee members and offer assistance. I-CAR committees are of varying sizes and may have different procedures depending on their area, history and current membership. Talk to the committee members about how you can help, and get started by attending committee meetings.

Existing committee officers can add you as an I-CAR committee member to their roster so you are identified as such at I-CAR. That will give you access to committee information and to The Insider, a monthly e-newsletter for I-CAR volunteers and instructors.

You can also take part in free, always-available Volunteer Training Series webinars at your convenience. The series currently includes four recorded sessions, each about an hour long.

Getting involved in your collision repair community can be a rewarding experience. Some committees function effectively today and have structured operating procedures, but could still use additional help. Others may benefit more broadly from the new ideas, organization or leadership you can provide.

No matter the situation of the committee in your area, or the time you have to give, you can make a difference. Thank you once again for your interest. We look forward to the positive contributions you will make to the collision repair industry as an I-CAR volunteer!