I-CAR Committees

I-CAR committees, made up of dedicated I-CAR volunteers, play an essential role in helping I-CAR increase the availability of collision repair training at the local and regional levels.

To coordinate and maximize I-CAR volunteer efforts, each I-CAR regional manager forms as many I-CAR committees as are needed to complement existing committees in each market and area. These committees vary in size. Some may require just a few active leaders for effective committee activities. In general, however, participation by more members increases each committee’s area of influence and the resources it can offer to help I-CAR provide collision repair training at the local level.

I-CAR supports volunteer committees in a variety of ways. Each regional manager is dedicated to assisting the volunteer committees in their region to maximize collision repair training in each local area. Field support specialists also support the committees by posting upcoming classes, updating class information and assisting with class changes.

The I-CAR website shows committee information for registered I-CAR committee officers and members through their individual myI-CAR accounts. Committee members also have online access to committee information, committee performance updates and a monthly e-newsletter.

To learn more, download the Committee Handbook. To get involved with your local I-CAR committee, contact I-CAR at 800-422-7456 or volunteer@i-car.com.

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