Training Benefits

PDP™ training keeps collision repair technicians and businesses competitive.


Technicians who participate in PDP training share in the I-CAR® vision for complete, safe and quality repairs throughout the industry.

They are able to learn the latest repair techniques and industry standards from respected industry professionals. As new automotive technologies emerge, this knowledge becomes increasingly important. As training increases, on-the-job performance improves. In fact, ProLevel 3 technicians often produce touch times up to 45% better than less trained technicians.

The clearly defined, industry-recognized training path of the PDP ensures technicians can achieve an advanced skill set. This provides them with a competitive edge and a platform for career advancement -- as well as confidence and pride in their work.


As technicians receive training and performance improves, businesses can see significant improvements in their key performance indicators (KPIs). Businesses that participate in the PDP also gain enhanced visibility to build relationships with industry partners.

Additionally, PDP training allows collision repair businesses to establish a learning culture that recognizes the importance and value of remaining knowledgeable about the latest vehicle technology and repair processes. There are a number of benefits to building a learning culture:

  • Prepare students to learn before class
  • Reinforce learning on the job after training
  • Encourage knowledge sharing
  • Maximize the ROI of training and equipment

In fact, in an I-CAR study, repair facilities with just six months of PDP training saw huge gains in business performance: