Annual Renewal Dates


General Rules

The annual renewal date for a Gold Class® business will be the date that all four Role Reps achieve Platinum™ recognition AND all other repair employees complete their six credit hours of role-relevant PDP™ training. This annual renewal date will automatically align to the last day of the month.

Because a facility may have multiple Platinum employees each with their own annual renewal dates, I-CAR® simplifies managing these dates
 by designating one annual renewal date for the entire facility. All Role Rep annual renewal dates will align to the facility’s annual renewal date. All other employee annual renewal dates will become the facility's next renewal date once the facility's next renewal has been achieved.

Once training requirements have been met, the facility must apply to renew Gold Class recognition.





On October 15, 2013, a facility achieves Gold Class when the last Role Rep achieves Platinum recognition. All other Role Reps have already achieved Platinum, and all other repair employees have completed their six credit hours of role-relevant annual training.

If a shop achieves Gold Class in the middle of the month, the annual renewal date will become the last day of the month of the next year. All employees will need to complete their annual training requirements by October 31, 2014, in order for the facility to remain Gold Class.

Call the I-CARE Customer Support Team at 800-ICARUSA for further help with annual renewal dates.