Cost to Achieve Gold Class

For businesses that wish to achieve and maintain Gold Class® recognition, the total cost of training is spread out over three or more years -- even though businesses typically see benefits from training immediately.

Gold Class businesses enjoy the highest discount off I-CAR® standard PDP™ pricing, in recognition of their commitment to training. (Discounts do not apply to equivalency tests.)


Total Cost to Achieve and Maintain Gold Class

If you are already training with I-CAR, to calculate the costs of achieving and maintaining Gold Class recognition go to your myI-CAR account and view the ProLevel Budget Report .

If you are just starting with I-CAR training, use this calculator to determine the costs to achieve and maintain Gold Class recognition:


Additional Opportunities to Reduce Costs

  • Employ technicians who have already completed some PDP training.
  • Employ technicians who are Platinum Individuals and therefore eligible for a discount on their training.
  • Employ experienced technicians who can take Equivalency Testing for ProLevel 1® courses at approximately 1/3 of the cost of the class.
  • Employ technicians from schools that use the PDP-Education Edition (PDP-EE) curriculum.