Achieving Platinum™

To achieve Platinum recognition, a repair technician must complete all role-relevant ProLevel 1® training requirements. (See the Collision Repair Roles  section for more details on specific training requirements.)

Achieving Platinum Starts with ProLevel 1:

Typically, ProLevel 1 training will take 6-18 months to complete. Upon completing ProLevel 1, that date becomes the individual’s annual renewal date. In most cases, there is no time limit for achieving ProLevel 1. However, in some circumstances, different timeframe exceptions may apply:

  • If the individual is working in a Gold Class® facility or a facility on the Road to Gold
  • If the individual is working in a new location that is part of an MSO Gold Class Organization
  • If the individual is training as a replacement Role Rep for a Gold Class facility


Upon completing ProLevel 1, that date becomes the individual's annual renewal date.

See the
Platinum Annual Renewal Dates page and the Gold Class Annual Renewal Dates page for more details on these exceptions.