Annual Renewal Dates

General Rules

Upon achieving Platinum™, the individual has 12 months to complete the next ProLevel. Upon completing ProLevel 3® the individual will then need to continue completing the annual training requirements every 12 months.

If a Role Rep achieves ProLevel 1® on October 15, 2014, the individual must complete ProLevel 2® by October 15, 2015.




If the Platinum Role Rep is employed in a Gold Class® business, his or her annual renewal date will align with the facility's annual renewal date. The individual's new annual renewal date will become the last day of the month in which the facility achieved or maintained Gold Class recognition.

If an individual is not a Role Rep, the expiration dates will align with the business' Gold Class annual renewal date if the next ProLevel has been achieved. 

If an individual achieves ProLevel 1 on October 15, 2014, but the facility achieves Gold Class recognition on December 7, 2014, the facility's annual renewal date will be December 31, 2015 -- which will also become the individual's annual renewal date.

Other timeframe exceptions may also apply. For more details, see the Gold Class Annual Renewal Dates and the Moving to a Difference Facility pages.  

Employees should always confirm their annual renewal dates with their Training Manager or by calling the 
I-CARE Customer Support Team at 800-ICARUSA.