Gold Class® Required Role

An Estimator inspects, analyzes and evaluates damaged vehicles to create a comprehensive and accurate 
damage report. This individual builds relationships with vehicle owners, repairers, and insurance personnel to negotiate costs and close customer sales. He or she uses computers to write estimates and works with computer software.



I-CAR® training gives the Estimator a competitive edge by building critical knowledge, which also gives the individual confidence and pride in his or her abilities.

  • Write a complete and accurate damage report for front, side, and rear impact damage on drivable vehicles
  • Work safely around hybrid vehicles
  • Analyze damage to restraint systems
  • Coordinate parts ordering and scheduling
  • Understand the automotive refinish process 
  • Diagnose simple electrical damage
  • Analyze damage to advanced materials
  • Identify hail, theft and vandalism damage
  • Front, side and rear analysis on non-drivable vehicles damage impact
  • Advanced safety systems and advanced electrical/ mechanical systems damage analysis
  • Stationary glass damage and replacement considerations analysis
  • Perform a tear-down for complete damage analysis
  • Advanced steering and suspension systems damage analysis
  • Strongly encouraged to obtain ASE certification beyond the Estimator (B6) certifications

After achieving ProLevel 3®, six credit hours of annual role-relevant training are required each subsequent year to maintain Platinum™ recognition.