Non-Structural Technician

Gold Class® Required Role

A Non-Structural Technician restores damaged exterior panels to their original integrity, function, and appearance. This technician uses hand tools and power tools to remove or repair damaged parts, weld as needed, and properly install new parts. He or she works with a variety of metals and plastics, as well as glass, electrical and mechanical parts. In many facilities, this technician is used in the "tear-down" process. 

  • Remove and install trim and hardware
  • Identify various vehicle materials, bolt-on parts and movable glass
  • Steel cosmetic straightening and plastic repair
  • Squeeze-type resistance spot weld
  • Adhesive bonding
  • Diagnose wind noise and water leaks
  • GMA (MIG) weld steel training
  • Remove and install welded and adhesively bonded exterior panels on vehicles with no structural damage
  • Straighten aluminum cosmetic damage
  • GMA (MIG) weld skills verification
  • Strongly encouraged to maintain ASE Non- Structural (B3) certification

After achieving ProLevel 3®, six credit hours of annual role-relevant training are required each subsequent year to maintain Platinum™ recognition.