Steel Sectioning

The Steel Sectioning course covers the principles and techniques of structural steel sectioning. This series builds on fundamentals covered in Steel GMA (MIG) Welding .

Topics Covered

  • Sectioning procedures, measuring and working with tolerances
  • Replacing structural components on a vehicle

All participants finish by taking the Structural Parts Steel Welding Test to confirm their ability to perform proper steel part sectioning.

To pass the test, a participant’s sectioned test part must fit into a specially-designed I-CAR® fixture. If any pin on the part does not fit into the reference hole on the test part, it will not qualify. Methods used to evaluate a passing rail are explained during the practice sessions at the class.

During the training, students will be given several opportunities to practice the welding techniques used in the test while supervised and coached by an I-CAR Instructor. Because of this high level of Instructor support and interaction, the test pass rate is high. If the student is unable to complete a passing rail, they must retake the training and pass the certification test at a later date to receive certification.


A current Steel GMA (MIG) Welding Certification is a prerequisite for the
Steel Sectioning course. Successful completion of the Steel
Sectioning course will also renew a technician's Steel GMA
(MIG) Welding Certification for five years from the date of completion of
the Steel Sectioning Certification.