Expiration of Gold Class

An insurance business will lose Gold Class® recognition if the business does not meet the Platinum™ and ProLevel staff percentage requirements by the business’ annual renewal date.

Regaining Gold Class recognition

Once its appraiser staff has completed Gold Class requirements, the business can regain Gold Class once its staff has completed training in accordance with training requirements.

The business’ annual renewal date will change to this new date. This applies no matter how long the gap in training, and even if an appraiser is replaced with a different employee.

If a Gold Class business' renewal date is October 31, 2014 but a ProLevel 1® appraiser does not achieve ProLevel 2® by October 31, the appraiser will no longer be Platinum. If this means the business does not have 80% of appraisers at Platinum and 50% at ProLevel 2, the business will no longer be Gold Class.

However, if the appraiser completes ProLevel 2 requirements on March 3, 2015, he or she will regain Platinum. If 80% of all appraisers are Platinum and 50% are at ProLevel 2, the business will regain Gold Class.

The facility’s renewal date will become March 31, 2016.

See the Platinum Annual Renewal Dates page for more details on individual annual renewal dates. Call the I-CARE Customer Support Team at 800-ICARUSA for further help with annual renewal dates.