Road to Gold

An insurance business that is pursuing – but has not yet achieved – Gold Class® is on the Road to Gold. A business will be considered on the Road to Gold once a conversation has been had with the I-CARE Customer Support Team and the business has committed to training with the PDP™, having declared their roster with a desire to be Gold Class. 

Road to Gold Timeframe

A business is considered on the Road to Gold until 60% of its entire appraiser staff has achieved ProLevel 1® Platinum™ recognition.

Ideal progress on the Road to Gold is 12 months for an insurance business to train 60% of its appraiser staff to Platinum ProLevel 1. This timeframe will vary depending on the level of existing training, number of appraisers, etc.

Once 60% of the appraiser staff at a business or location has achieved ProLevel 1 Platinum recognition, the business or location can submit its Gold Class application.

Road to Gold Customer Support

Businesses on the Road to Gold will receive special support and tools from the I-CARE Customer Support Team, including:
  • Custom reports to monitor training progress
  • Targeted emails about upcoming classes and renewal date reminders
  • Proactive I-CARE support
  • Discounted pricing for I-CAR training after Gold Class has been achieved

For more details, call the I-CARE Team at 800-ICARUSA.