Training Costs

Cost of Achieving Each ProLevel

I-CAR® training is an investment in business success. The cost of training is typically less expensive than many business owners believe.

The cost for an Auto Physical Damage Appraiser to achieve each ProLevel is approximately:
ProLevel 1 $1,196
ProLevel 2 $684
ProLevel 3 $380
TOTAL $2,260

The above cost is an estimate only. It represents Standard pricing for ProLevel 1 and Gold Class®/Platinum™ pricing thereafter.

To calculate the costs of achieving Gold Class recognition if you are already training with I-CAR, go to your myI-CAR account and view the ProLevel Budget Report.

Gold Class/Platinum Discounts
Gold Class businesses and Platinum students receive the highest discount in recognition of their commitment to training.

Other ways to reduce the cost of achieving Gold Class include:
  • Employing technicians that have already completed some PDP training
  • Employing technicians with Platinum designation and therefore eligible for a discount on their training
  • Achieving and maintaining Gold Class designation and therefore receive a discount on all training
  • Having experienced technicians take Equivalency Testing for ProLevel 1 courses at approximately 1/3 of the cost of the class

For current prices and a detailed breakdown of training and pricing options, visit Tuition & Registration page.