Expiration of Platinum

If an individual does not complete requirements to maintain Platinum recognition by the annual renewal date, his or her Platinum status will expire. This is true even if the appraiser moves to another insurance business.

If a ProLevel 1® individual’s renewal date is October 15, 2014 and he or she does NOT achieve ProLevel 2® by that date, he or she will no longer have Platinum recognition.

Regaining Platinum Recognition

If an individual’s Platinum recognition has expired, he or she still retains the ProLevel previously achieved and all corresponding training records.

The individual can regain Platinum by achieving the next ProLevel. This applies no matter how long the gap in training, and even if the individual moves to another insurance business. While the individual is training, he/she will be on the Road to Platinum until he/she regains Platinum. The individual’s new annual renewal date will convert to the date he or she regained Platinum.

If a ProLevel 1 individual’s Platinum recognition expires on October 15, 2014, but the individual completes ProLevel 2 requirements on March 3, 2016, the individual will regain Platinum.

The individual’s annual renewal date will become March 3, 2017.

Employees should always confirm their annual renewal dates with their Training Manager or by calling the I-CARE Customer Support Team at 800-ICARUSA.