The Value of I-CAR

I-CAR® was established to provide technical training to the collision repair inter-industry, allowing the industry to keep pace with continuously changing and advancing new vehicle models and technologies. Thus, I-CAR training contributes directly to performance of complete, safe and quality repairs.

And there is more. Businesses committed to building and maintaining education and knowledge -- a learning culture -- can also leverage the benefits of I-CAR training to drive improved business performance, reduce the risk of improper repairs, provide a career development pathway to their teams, and enhance the overall professionalism of the business.

Through high-quality training, industry leadership, and dedicated Volunteers and Instructors who represent some of the best talent in their fields, I-CAR plays a critical role in providing a complete resource for collision repair training, from entry level to advanced. This brings several key benefits:

As training increases, technician performance improves.

Being able to stay on top of the latest technology helps technicians perform better, including improvements to cycle time and touch time.

As technician performance improves, business performance improves.

Knowledgeable, well-trained technicians give businesses a competitive advantage. I-CAR training has been shown to increase important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for businesses, including cycle time, customer satisfaction and revenue. By promoting high standards of knowledge and training, we are moving the industry closer to the I-CAR vision that every person in the collision industry has the information, knowledge and skills required to perform complete, safe and quality repairs for the ultimate benefit of the customer.