Businesses & Training Managers


All your I-CAR® training for individuals and your business can be conveniently managed through the myI-CAR® online portal.

To create a new myI-CAR account, go to, click on "myI-CAR" in the upper right-hand corner and follow the New User path. For help with creating your myI-CAR account please click here.

To access the Training Manager portal, contact I-CAR Customer Care at 800-ICARUSA. Once you have access to Training Manager, you can begin using tools and reports specific to your business that help you plan and maintain training.

To get started with PDP training management for your business:

  1. Identify employee roles. Submit an employee roster (Collision Repair or Insurance) by email, fax, or by calling I-CARE at 800.422.7872.
  2. Sign in to myI-CAR.
  3. Identify training needed and class availability by looking at specific reports (detailed in the Tools/Report section).
  4. Register for classes needed using the Training Manager portal.

Please note that I-CAR classes are offered at different times of the year and at different frequencies. Be sure to take advantage of classes when they are offered, as they may not be offered again prior to your renewal date.